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Introducing NPURE®

NPURE® is a hospital-grade dry fog disinfection system designed to achieve uniform, whole room coverage. Using PURStrike® by PURIFYD® SYSTEMS, a patented Hydrogen Peroxide + Benzalkonium Chloride solution, you can eliminate 99.99999% of airborne & surface pathogens in minutes, at the touch of a button.

Reduce time and labour in between clients and get back to business with the comfort and peace of mind that your space is safe.




NPURE® + PURStrike® guarantees hospital-grade disinfection with a 99.99999% killing rate of airborne and surface viruses and bacteria, disinfecting any exposed and hard-to-reach surfaces better than any form of manual cleaning.


The NPURE® Dry Fog System, combined with PURStrike®, is proven to be safe, environmentally friendly, and highly effective. It will never leave a wet residue and is guaranteed not to damage any surface, furniture, or electronic device.


With the touch of a button, the NPURE® Dry Fog System optimizes disinfection times according to the size of your room to ensure the quickest and most cost-effective dry fogging procedure.


With the portable and compact NPURE® automated system, you can disinfect your spaces in minutes to protect yourself, your colleagues, and your clients from harmful pathogens. The NPURE® cuts labour costs, and provides everyone the peace of mind needed to get back to business.

NPurify Your Space to Provide Safety & Peace of Mind

Dry fog technology is:

Child and Dog

Safe for People + Pets

The NPURE® uses PURStrike®, a patented disinfecting solution licensed by Health Canada. The disinfected room will be ready for re-entry 15 minutes after the procedure has ended, and is perfectly safe for people and animals.

Safe for the environment

The PURStrike® solution is broken down into oxygen and water, so the process is 100% eco-friendly.

Safe for electronics

Because the ultra-fine droplets generated by the NPURE® do not wet the surface, the process is non-corrosive and is completely safe around electronics.


Dry fog technology is traditionally used in hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare facilities in order to destroy a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

NPURE® converts the PURStrike® formula into microscopic dry fog, killing 99.99999% of airborne and surface pathogens in the air and on any exposed surface, including hard-to-reach areas.

HOW? Even though the disinfectant solution is a liquid, the NPURE® Dry Fog Disinfection System breaks the solution down and diffuses microscopic particles that don’t burst when they come in contact with a surface. Instead, they bounce and spread uniformly throughout the room in a “Brownian motion”, acting as “micro-bullets” that kill any pathogen in their path without ever leaving a wet residue.

NPure - How it works
Made in Canada


The NPURE® uses PURStrike® by PURIFYD® SYSTEMS, a patented disinfection solution proven
to kill and neutralize dozens of biological & chemical threats.

Accredited by:
Pathogens | NPure

Fun Fact

How Does Our Formula Effectively Kill Pathogens?

The patented PURStrike® disinfecting formula exerts a lethal impact on a wide range of microorganisms.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) molecules penetrate the organism and burst it with reactive oxygen species (ROS). This creates a deadly free-radical overdose within the organism, which irreversibly damages DNA and other important cell structures.

Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) is a cationic surfactant that dismantles pathogens by dissolving the lipids of their membranes, essentially causing the cell to leak like a strainer.

Otherwise Known as the



NPURE® uniformly spreads H2O2 & BAC molecules across the room, surrounding both airborne & surface pathogens.

Attack | NPure


H2O2 & BAC work together to perforate the membrane of the pathogen and penetrate the cell. Once inside, they immediately induce a lethal overdose of hydroxyl radicals that destroy critical proteins and DNA structures.

Destroy | NPure


The pathogen is damaged beyond repair, and undergoes apoptosis (programmed cell death).

99.9% vs. 99.99999%

The PURStrike® patented disinfection solution eliminates 99.99999% of pathogens.
So do all of those extra 9’s really make a difference?


BEFORE Disinfecting

Imagine that we begin with 10,000,000 pathogens in the room.

99% effective

If you use a disinfectant that is 99% effective, that means that 1% (100,000!) of the pathogens are left behind.

99.9% effective

If the disinfectant is 99.9%
effective, 0.1% or 10,000 pathogens are left behind. At 99.99% effectiveness
that reduces it to 1000 pathogens left behind, and so forth.

99.99999% effective

So at 99.99999% effectiveness, out of ten million pathogens only 1 will be left alive!

NPurify Your Space to Provide Safety & Peace of Mind


NPURE® dry fogging can be used in any high-traffic common area, such as:

NPurify Your Space to Provide Safety & Peace of Mind


NPURE® is extremely easy to operate with a simple and intuitive interface. Disinfect an entire cubic space in 3 easy steps.

NPure Device
  1. Place the system in the middle of the room
  2. Set room dimensions
  3. Click the Go button and leave the room

The NPURE® will automatically calculate the optimal disinfection time to ensure the quickest and most cost-effective dry fogging procedure.


The room should be empty of people during the dry fogging procedure. Once the cycle has ended, wait 15 minutes before re-entry.

Yes, as a precaution, machines such as computers, TVs, and lasers etc. should be turned off while being fogged.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) + Benzalkonium Chloride dry fog has been well studied and efficacy has been established via multiple peer reviewed
    published articles and head to head comparisons of efficacy to conventional cleaning.
  • In a head to head study measuring pathogens post treatment, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) + Benzalkonium Chloride has a 1% positive swab rate vs 66%.
  • After disinfection, all areas remained contaminated, with 66% of 124 swabs yielding MRSA
  • In contrast, after exposing six rooms to the disinfecting dry fog, only 1 of 85 (1.2%) swabs yielded MRSA

Yes, antibacterial dry fog evaporates extremely fast and is safe for use around electronics once turned off. Dry fog disinfecting systems are used around aircraft electronics and sensitive medical diagnostic machines daily.
It has been demonstrated that dry fog can completely deactivate all the microbial agents tested in the presence of soil load with no ill effects on computers. This is with no decline in computer performance or failure of any of the key subsystems and no visible damages or changes on any of the computers’ critical parts, such as the motherboard, the memory, the data cables connecting the drives (no discoloration/degradation of the plastic), and the hard disk drives.

Because water and oxygen are the only by-products from the dry fog disinfection process, this type of disinfection is not harmful to the environment.

Our dry fog offers several appealing features that include rapid cycle time (e.g. 15 minutes); low temperature; environmentally safe byproducts (H2O, oxygen [O2]); good material compatibility; and ease of operation, installation and monitoring.

A single NPURE® system is able to disinfect a room with a maximum volume of 50 cubic meters. For higher volume space, more than one cycle will be required.

Cleaning with chemical agents have limitations, and hydrogen peroxide dry fogging has been demonstrated to have better pathogen elimination head to head compared to terminal cleaning.

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